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IntimateLine® Sensual Cosmetics® saw its birth and the beginning of its commercial activity in Rome, Italy, in 1998. Over the years it has established itself and increasingly established itself as a leading company in the intimate care and well-being sector , thus starting to distribute its own line of exclusive products throughout Italy.
Over the years it has exponentially increased its range of products by adding to its line of intimate lubricants (water-based, oil-based, silicone-based) a line of sexual aids (for him and for her) and a line of essences aphrodisiacs to make intimate relationships an increasingly unique and particular experience. Although to date it has moved its administrative headquarters to London, the capital of the United Kingdom and of Modern LifeStyle, it has kept its production plant open in Italy, where all the best quality standards and all the passion and originality continue to be applied. of Made in Italy.



High quality intimate lubricants divided according to their formulation and specific use, designed to experience intimate anal or vaginal relations in maximum comfort and pleasure, preventing discomfort and irritation due to poor lubrication.


Massage oils and aphrodisiac perfumes created to transport the couple into a sensual dimension, stimulating desire and imagination. Seductive scents will make intimate intercourse even more engaging by creating an erotic and stimulating atmosphere.


Sexual adjuvants specially formulated to improve and make intimate intercourse unforgettable, giving new stimulating sensations, or helping to improve sexual performance where necessary, experiencing intimate intercourse with maximum pleasure.


All IntimateLine® products from the Sensual Cosmetics® line are dermatologically tested, formulated according to CE regulations, with hypoallergenic fragrances in accordance with IFRA.
They are also regularly communicated to the Ministry of Health and comply with European Community legislation. Production takes place in our factory in Italy, where all the best quality standards continue to be applied to guarantee the choice of raw materials and excipients used, without neglecting all the passion and originality of Made in Italy. This allows us to offer a superior and exclusive line of products, suitable for every situation, every couple, every fantasy.


IntimateLine® Sensual Cosmetics® was born as a company producing quality intimate lubricants, diversified and divided based on the raw material from which they are mainly composed. Products capable of facilitating intimate relationships where there are difficulties, but above all capable of intensifying the pleasure of the moment itself. We later added a line exclusively dedicated to pleasure to our range of intimate lubricants: Sensual Cosmetics®. A new concept, a new idea, a new proposal of which we are proud to be able to state with certainty that we have been pioneers. Intimateline® thus became what everyone knows today as Intimateline® Sensual Cosmetics®. Exclusive formulations have allowed the creation of a line of cosmetic products designed for the pleasure of men and women so as to experience love and sexuality with maximum emotions and sensations. A line capable of embracing any moment relating to the intimate and sexual sphere. With a catalog that currently includes over 100 products, we include: lubricants, stimulants, aphrodisiacs, adjuvants, massage oils, perfumes, soaps. For this reason today we continue to make quality and passion the cornerstones that characterize our production, so as to make YOUR moment a UNIQUE moment and continue to be a guarantee of QUALITY and SAFETY, developing exclusive cutting-edge products with times.


Over the years Intimateline Sensual Cosmetics has become a continuously growing international reality, expanding its commercial network in the major European nations, Asia and Oceania. A catalog of over 100 innovative products, divided into 3 different categories, and always expanding, has allowed Intimateline Sensual Cosmetics to become one of the leading brands in the sector.