Express shipping with delivery within 24/48 hours

INTIMATELINE LTD has all products available for immediate delivery. Shipments are made via express courier TNT EXPRESS. The express courier guarantees delivery to all Italian municipalities and localities, in just 24/48 hours. Check that you have entered your details correctly: it is important that the address indicated is easily traceable by the deliveryman and that the same surname as the person who placed the order appears on the bell, otherwise the deliveryman will take the goods back without leaving any notice. The courier delivers from Monday to Friday until 6.00 pm (approximately). In case of absence of the Customer, the Courier will attempt a new delivery, both times leaving a notice of the passage and containing all the information for contacting the Courier. If you think you cannot be present for delivery, specify an alternative address when completing the order or choose "delivery by appointment".

Enter an address where there is always someone who can collect the package, enter your telephone number, which will be used only by INTIMATELINE LTD and the courier only and exclusively to communicate, via SMS only, shipping information.

Fermo Deposito: you can choose to collect the package directly at the TNT headquarters or at one of the TNT POINTS in your city and you can go and collect it whenever you want.
Check that you have entered your telephone number and e-mail address correctly: if there are problems with processing or delivering the order, it is important that we can contact you in order to agree on any changes. In the days following the order, check your email: we may have sent you some communications regarding the processing of the order. You can check the tracking of your order by connecting to the website and accessing the reserved area. INTIMATELINE LTD guarantees maximum protection of confidential information and sensitive data (see our "Privacy").
ATTENTION: If you receive the package with holes, tears, broken or tampered with (for example with one color tape on one side and a different color on another side or above) ask the driver to "sign with reserve" and check the contents of the package. In any case (even if the content is correct) notify us via email as soon as possible describing the appearance of the package so that we can forward a complaint to the courier. If possible, send us a photo of the package as you received it. N.B.: In this case it is very important to ask the driver to "sign with reservation", otherwise we will not be able to (Neither we nor you) submit a complaint.

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